Creativity, Community, Confidence.

These are the values that our team lives by, each and every day

Styling, Cutting & Color. 

Those services are the foundation of what we do. We believe that to excel in your skill, you must first fully understand the fundamentals. .


The Program is what we have spent years creating and perfecting to give you, a newly licensed stylist or barber, the advanced skill set we believe you need to turn hair into your career. We begin first with styling to ensure you are fully prepared to assist each stylist on the floor with their guest. From there you begin the cut or color curriculum, going through each separately to ensure a full understanding of the skill. You may also choose to specialize at this point.

Class happens twice a week and you are required to have the models, who only pay for these services with their time, and to show up open and ready to absorb all the information we have prepared for you.


The educators are fellow Local Honey stylists who have been through our Teacher Training Program.

During the program you will also be assisting on the floor which means anything from mixing color for stylists, giving shampoos, doing blow outs to making sure the color room is in order and that the salon floor is always looking presentable to our guests.

While all of this is happening you will also be included in our monthly advanced in-house education, our editorial style photo shoots and any advanced training we bring into the salon.

No one ever said this would be easy but nearly every stylist who ever was an apprentice will tell you it is completely worth it.

If you have any questions or would like to chat more with us about joining our team, please see the Contact page or stop by any one of our locations.