Name: Cali Harpöl 

Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Current occupation: Artist/Songwriter

If you could live inside any film, which would you choose? Charlie and The Chocolate Factory because chocolate and Johnny Depp. That’s literally all I would ever need in life. 

CATC Local Honey Shoot-16.jpg

If you could move to another country, which one would it be? I would say either France or England, because sometimes I think I’m mentally a misplaced European. There’s so much history and the art and fashion there blows my mind. 

Tell us about your hair! With this teal and pink color combo, my hair is usually the first thing people notice about me. I really wanted my hair to become part of my brand; reflective of my personality and who I am as an artist. Props to the Local Honey squad for bringing to life exactly what I wanted. I love it! 

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