Skyler Levine is a dancer, a student, a Local Honey guest and an all-around sweetheart. This is why we think she's totally OK: 

Name: Skyler Meadow Levine

Hometown: Born and raised in Carmel, CA, but moved to Nashville, TN, in 2012. 

Favorite thing about Nashville: Ah, how to choose? I guess my favorite thing about this city is that on any given night of the week you have to opportunity to attend an array of concerts, house shows, art displays, rallies, etc... So much to choose from, and so many great artistic minds to see in motion. This city truly encompasses the broadest range of people and I love experiencing that. 


If you could live inside any film, which would it be?: it's beyond cheesy to say, but if I could live in any movie, it would have to be Across the Universe. I mean, who wouldn't want their entire life soundtrack to be set to the music of the Beatles? It's set in the 60's too which pleases my flower child heart. 

If you had to move to another country, which would you choose?: If I had the opportunity to move to another country, it would have to be either Denmark or Sweden. These places are both truly at the forefront of environmental advocacy, holistic public healthcare, conservation, education, and overall forward thinking. 


Tell us about your hair!: I have been lucky enough to have my wonderful stylist and sister Lindsay Levine since day one. She knows exactly the kind of hair that works for me: low maintenance, natural, and characteristic of my needs. No one knows me better or could do a better job than her. 

How has Local Honey helped you realize your personal style?: The clothing and overall vibe of Local Honey speaks to me. It's got that cute vintage-y feel with a little added spunk. I think the fact that doing this shoot for the blog prompted my spontaneous decision to get bangs sums that up well:)