Ily Phelps is a graphic designer, hula hoop expert, Local Honey guest, and participant in our model program. We are so inspired by her talent and adventurous spirit. Another fun fact about  Ily: her parents named her that as an acronym for "I Love You". AWWWEEE! (To find out how to become a part of our model program, contact us here!) 

Name: Ily Phelps

Hometown: Born in Denver, Colorado. But raised in Nashville. 

Favorite thing about Nashville: The intimacy of shows here. The venues are small and allow you to be pretty close and experience a show like they are playing just for you! 

Current Occupation: Graphic Designer at RedPepper.

Dream Occupation: Not far from what I do now...but I would love to be focused on just illustration. 

If you could live inside any film, which would you choose? I really don't know! Something with a large garden, and a great soundtrack. 

If you could move to another country, which one would it be? Germany or the UK, primarily for the music culture that those countries have and the ability to travel to other European countries in a short time. 

Tell us about your hair!: I have been coloring my hair since I was about 11. I fell in love with the idea of having color in my hair at such a young age and just continued to keep it up. I think, like a lot of people who color their hair, it kind of becomes a part of you. It's just fun! Local Honey has been an awesome help in my hair adventure. Kazia and Brian specifically have pushed me to try new colors and even new cuts. I think it's awesome when you can trust someone to pick a cut for you that you wouldn't do otherwise and then turn out to love it! 

Find Ily at, and she's Eyelee on Instagram