Cali Harpöl is OK.

Cali Harpöl is OK.

Name: Cali Harpöl 

Hometown: Jonesboro, Arkansas

Current occupation: Artist/Songwriter

If you could live inside any film, which would you choose? Charlie and The Chocolate Factory because chocolate and Johnny Depp. That’s literally all I would ever need in life. 

CATC Local Honey Shoot-16.jpg

If you could move to another country, which one would it be? I would say either France or England, because sometimes I think I’m mentally a misplaced European. There’s so much history and the art and fashion there blows my mind. 

Tell us about your hair! With this teal and pink color combo, my hair is usually the first thing people notice about me. I really wanted my hair to become part of my brand; reflective of my personality and who I am as an artist. Props to the Local Honey squad for bringing to life exactly what I wanted. I love it! 

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Skyler Levine is OK.

Skyler Levine is OK.

Skyler Levine is a dancer, a student, a Local Honey guest and an all-around sweetheart. This is why we think she's totally OK: 

Name: Skyler Meadow Levine

Hometown: Born and raised in Carmel, CA, but moved to Nashville, TN, in 2012. 

Favorite thing about Nashville: Ah, how to choose? I guess my favorite thing about this city is that on any given night of the week you have to opportunity to attend an array of concerts, house shows, art displays, rallies, etc... So much to choose from, and so many great artistic minds to see in motion. This city truly encompasses the broadest range of people and I love experiencing that. 


If you could live inside any film, which would it be?: it's beyond cheesy to say, but if I could live in any movie, it would have to be Across the Universe. I mean, who wouldn't want their entire life soundtrack to be set to the music of the Beatles? It's set in the 60's too which pleases my flower child heart. 

If you had to move to another country, which would you choose?: If I had the opportunity to move to another country, it would have to be either Denmark or Sweden. These places are both truly at the forefront of environmental advocacy, holistic public healthcare, conservation, education, and overall forward thinking. 


Tell us about your hair!: I have been lucky enough to have my wonderful stylist and sister Lindsay Levine since day one. She knows exactly the kind of hair that works for me: low maintenance, natural, and characteristic of my needs. No one knows me better or could do a better job than her. 

How has Local Honey helped you realize your personal style?: The clothing and overall vibe of Local Honey speaks to me. It's got that cute vintage-y feel with a little added spunk. I think the fact that doing this shoot for the blog prompted my spontaneous decision to get bangs sums that up well:)

Quinn Ballard is OK.

Quinn Ballard is OK.

Quinn Ballard is a photographer, actor and a dear friend of the Local Honey family. We think this guy is seriously OK and here is why. 

Name: Quinn Ballard

Hometown: Huntington, WV

Favorite thing about Nashville: The people. It’s the place I found that the best friendships are based on heart and personality and happen when we let ourselves just be real with others. The messy, the fun, the interesting, the good, and everything in between. Sometimes that’s scary, but it’s worth it. 

Real life can't happen when we put on an act, close ourselves off, or spend our time trying to fit into whatever “cool kid” box we’ve made up in our heads (and it’s all in our heads). Everyone is trying to figure out how to be a person.

Current occupation: Full-time architecture/interior/restaurant photographer. It came out of nowhere nine years ago, and it’s been both a great and a huge learning experience. I’m drawn way more to how a place can make you feel and how it can affect you and others instead of just the whole process of taking pictures. Helping architects and designers show off the stuff they’ve made for others is something I’ve grown to like a lot. But for me, the pictures aren’t the point – they’re just a means to point to something else that matters. I want to do what I do well, obviously, but I never want to forget why I’m doing it or just get lost only in the process of it.

I’ve learned a lot about me through it, and I’ve been shifting the whole photo thing into something that can help fund other stuff I’m more wired to do. Mainly, it’s acting and talking and learning how to be an ear for others, as a way to help people not be so hard on themselves, or to remember that life can be so fun and so meaningful at the same time. Those things won’t make the hard stuff just disappear, but they can help make the hard stuff not feel as lonely or isolating. 

People need other people, and that’s both amazing and scary. But no matter what, it’s gotta be real. I want to a be a bridge to help others live a little more deeply, in whatever way I can. I’m figuring that out as I go, I’m asking others who are wiser than me a lot of questions, I don't (and I won’t) have all the answers, and I’ve got just as much stuff to work through as anyone else. But if it helps someone to breathe a little easier or laugh a little harder or make a step over something that’s been tripping them up, I want to be a part of that.

Dream occupation: A Muppeteer. 100%. Jim Henson’s a hero. He’s not just the guy who made Kermit or The Labyrinth movie – he wanted to leave the world a better place. One of my favorite things he said was, "The most sophisticated people I know – inside they’re all children.” Google some of the things he said and wrote…it can really put stuff in a new perspective.

If you could live inside any film, which would you choose? What Dreams May Come – a Robin Williams throwback

If you could move to another country, which one would it be? Iceland with all the other millennials. Not really. The U.K., or really – London. It’s so diverse and people from all over the world live there and shape it together. It’s got so much history, but it’s also new and transforming and always growing. The British national dish is chicken tikka masala, which is A) delicious, and B) proof of how other cultures have influenced a single country for the better. Yes, there was the Brexit mess, but you can’t win them all.

Tell us about your hair! It’s been short, it’s been long, it’s been buzzed, it’s been asymmetrical, it’s been chopped up, it’s been messy, it’s been skinfaded, it’s been clean part on the side, it’s been just about everything. LH (Brian, Joe, and even KP back in the day) helped me see that I’m not defined by my hair. I know that sounds like the old school India.Arie song, but it’s true and she was right.

If anything, a cut helps uncover parts of someone’s personality. 

Almost every other time I get my hair cut we change it up to something completely different. Those are the days I'll go in, not have a clue how I want to change up my style, we’ll figure it out or just see what starts to take shape, and I'll walk out with something totally new and think, “This is so different than what my hair was like an hour ago,  but it's still very much ‘me’.” I trust them completely, especially when the cut is changed up. It’s always great because it’s always me, and I like that. And that’s something LH does better than anyone else. 

Find Quinn's phototgraphy portfolio online at, and be sure to check out his acting work and his Instagram

Ily Phelps is OK.

Ily Phelps is OK.

Ily Phelps is a graphic designer, hula hoop expert, Local Honey guest, and participant in our model program. We are so inspired by her talent and adventurous spirit. Another fun fact about  Ily: her parents named her that as an acronym for "I Love You". AWWWEEE! (To find out how to become a part of our model program, contact us here!) 

Name: Ily Phelps

Hometown: Born in Denver, Colorado. But raised in Nashville. 

Favorite thing about Nashville: The intimacy of shows here. The venues are small and allow you to be pretty close and experience a show like they are playing just for you! 

Current Occupation: Graphic Designer at RedPepper.

Dream Occupation: Not far from what I do now...but I would love to be focused on just illustration. 

If you could live inside any film, which would you choose? I really don't know! Something with a large garden, and a great soundtrack. 

If you could move to another country, which one would it be? Germany or the UK, primarily for the music culture that those countries have and the ability to travel to other European countries in a short time. 

Tell us about your hair!: I have been coloring my hair since I was about 11. I fell in love with the idea of having color in my hair at such a young age and just continued to keep it up. I think, like a lot of people who color their hair, it kind of becomes a part of you. It's just fun! Local Honey has been an awesome help in my hair adventure. Kazia and Brian specifically have pushed me to try new colors and even new cuts. I think it's awesome when you can trust someone to pick a cut for you that you wouldn't do otherwise and then turn out to love it! 

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